Show Officials

Show OfficialsShow OfficialsShow Officials
Patron of the Society
The Lieutenant Governor,
His Excellency, Sir Richard Gozney

Mr S R Gawne

Vice President
Mrs B Vernon

Honorary Treasurer
Mrs Z Hampton

Assistant Treasurer
Mrs D Kelly

Show Secretary
Mrs S J Comish

Show Supervisors
Mr S R Gawne, Mrs B Vernon, Mrs A Masson, Mr S Ennett, Mr S Phythian, Mr C Vernon

Light Horse Supervisor & Co-ordinator
Mr Raymond Cox, M.R.C.V.S.

Light Horse Committee
Mr R Cox, Mrs J Vernon, Miss A Rothwell

Honorary Auditor
Callow Matthewman Ltd

Honorary Veterinary
Mr Raymond Cox, M.R.C.V.S.

Members of the Society
Mr R G Comish, Mrs B Coole, Miss K Coole
Mr J L Corrin, Mr R Craine, Mr M Cringle
Mr S Ennett, Mr C R Gawne CP, Mr M Gawne
Mr S Gawne, Mrs S Gawne, Mr S R Gawne
Mrs Z Hampton , Mr P Hampton, Mr N Jones
Mr C Kelly, Mr D Kennaugh, Mr P Kermode
Mrs A Masson , Mr K Masson , Mr S Phythian
Mr F Ralston, Mr R S D Riggall, Mr R Sayle
Mr C Vernon, Mrs B Vernon, Mrs J Vernon
Mr W H Watterson, Mr D Whittaker             
Life Members of the Society
Mr R S D. Riggall, Mrs C Riggall, Mr C R Gawne C P, Mr R G Comish, Mr R H Gelling C P, Mr W McHarrie, Mr R Kewley, Mrs J Cook, Miss A Pickering, Mr N Jones, Mr R Craine,
Mr J Watterson, Mrs K Lowey, Mr W H Watterson, Mr D Kennaugh